Case Studies

Case Study #1

Global Business Consulting House


Above 55% of meetings cancelled or no-shows, resulting in average of 12+ weeks for project conversions.


Through carefully crafted approach coupled with right metrics PFE increased the meetings participation to 85%+ with successful project conversions in less than 4 weeks on average.

Case Study #2

SaaS Platform for Retail


Missing Go-to-Market and digital strategy for North America, hence limited customer exposure and product visibility


Designed and implemented a digital strategy with a direct to consumer approach through PFE technology and frontend team members.

Successfully onboarded multiple customers with an average of 50+ locations for each customer, through dedicated client partners thereby increasing customer acceptance and quality support.

Case Study #3

Management Consulting (startup)


Limited access to customer database and undocumented case study with references


Through the right mix of telemarketing and sales support PFE helped build a pipeline while resulting in contract conversion over $6 Million USD in revenues within the first year. PFE technology team help design, build and implement customer and case study database for reference validation.

Case Study #4

Specialty Food Manufacturer


High Customer acquisition cost due to missing digital strategy & product visibility


Through PFE technology and U/X team designed and developed creatives including website and e-commerce platform. 

Developed A/B testing for market consumption, while building the building blocks for N.A product visibility and market penetration. 

Designed and built and end to end platform focused towards easier consumer product selection including through the backend supply-chain integration and product shipping